Dog walking

A walk is an essential part of a dog’s day, but sometimes everyday life gets in the way which is where we come in. Everything Pawsable provides stimulating and varied walks to make sure your dog comes home happy and healthy and ready for a big snooze on the sofa until you get home. Our […]

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Cat feeding

Here at Everything Pawsable, we love cats just as much as we love dogs! Putting a cat into a cattery can be stressful for you and your feline. You hate them being there, and they hate being there! So why not have us look after your furry little friend while you’re away from home? We […]

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Doggy daycare

Our doggy daycare option is perfect for owners who work long hours or for the pooch that gets anxious being left at home alone for extended periods of time. We only have limited space for doggy daycare – especially as once our clients join the Everything Pawsable family, they never want to leave! So make […]

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Puppy daycare

We understand that not every new puppy parent can spend every waking hour with their little bundle of fluff. Maybe you work long hours or have a meeting you can’t cancel, or perhaps your puppy gets extra anxious being left at home alone. With our puppy daycare service we’ll pick up your pup and return them […]

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Cat & Dog medication visits

Having an unwell cat or dog is stressful enough without worrying about how to juggle going to work and giving them their medication. Julia is a qualified veterinary nurse with nearly 18 years of experience, so as well as cat feeding we are delighted to be able offer in-home visits to give your cat or […]

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Doggy overnight stays

Having to put a dog in kennels can ruin a holiday. It’s stressful for you and your dog and means you can’t enjoy your trip away because of all that worrying. So as well as offering our daily doggy daycare, we also have a limited amount of space for overnight dog stays.  No kennels, no […]

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